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The Vashon Maury Cooperative Preschool provides early learning for toddlers and preschoolers as well as ongoing parent education. A goal of the co-op experience is to create a foundation for for learning as well as to encourage community building. Together our teachers, parent educators and families provide great support, resources and friendships.

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Your contribution supports our scholarships, supplies, and classroom improvements that are not covered by tuition. It will keep the high quality of the co-op experience accessible for all, now and in the future.

“Co-op gave my family a foundation to build off of and taught my partner and I how to be the kind of parents we want to be.” 

-Tami, Co-op parent and teacher

The Co-op Philosophy

  • At Co-op you learn along side your child.  Parents/caregivers join their child in the classroom once a week to provide help to the teachers and children as well as getting some play time. This is a great time to learn from our kids, get to know their friends and connect.
  • The Co-op is powered by our families. Being a part of co-op means that parents/caregivers are involved in the classroom a well as helping the school run smoothly. There are a wide variety of opportunities for the families to contribute. These jobs could be anything from helping to clean the classroom, teacher’s assistants to becoming a board member. There are jobs that can fit anyones skills and commitment levels.

 “… you get an opportunity to lead, volunteer and help continue the legacy of co-op in our community.”

-Vanessa, Co-op parent and board member
  • Co-op families get the support they need. Every co-op family is supported by our parent educators through individual sessions, in the moment coaching at school, and monthly group meetings.  

The Co-op Community

  • Community is at the heart of Co-op. Building a community is fundamental to the Co-op experience. Your child has the unique opportunity to know and be known by a whole community of loving adults.  

“As a member of co-op I found my community. My kids found their best pals and I did, too.” 

-Tami, Co-op parent and teacher

The Value of Play-Based Learning

Young children work hard at play. Play has been shown to lay down the foundational architecture of the brain that is essential to learning language, literacy, math, as well as developing the love of learning, a quality considered most critical for longer term, sustained interest in learning. Our Co-op teachers carefully craft an environment and curriculum that is centered around play.

“The vast majority of parents want their child to be happy. Happiness research indicates that play is an integral part of being happy. Its foundation is laid in preschool years so that even as adults, those preschoolers will continue playing, so they can be happy!”

Anoo Padte, the founder of Art of Education

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“Joining Co-op was one of the best decisions we ever made and has created a community of friends that support, encourage and celebrate our family.”

-Vanessa, Co-op parent and board member