When to Keep Your Child Home

Our Guiding Principle: If you were to see a child in public that has the same symptoms as your child, would you think, “I do not want my child exposed to this child?” Considering this can assist you in making the right decision. If the teacher believes it’s necessary for your child to rest and recover, they can request that you take your child home.

If any of the following apply to yourself or your child, please stay home:

FeverWithin the last 24 hours
Nasal Secretions (runny nose)New or requiring frequent attention
Coughing or SneezingNew, severe, or frequent 
VomitingTwo or more times in 24 hours
DiarrheaTwo loose/watery stools more than normal for child in 24 hours or any blood or mucus in stool
Sore Throat
Body RashNot related to allergic reaction, diapering, or heat
Open sores or woundsThat are oozing 
Mouth SoresWith drooling
Antibiotic TreatmentWithin 24 hours of beginning
General MalaiseUnusually tired, low activity level, lack of appetite, cranky/fussy, crying more than normal, unable to keep up with program activities. 
Communicable DiseaseDiagnosed with Lice, Ringworm, Scabies, Hand Foot and Mouth, COVID-19, Influenza, RSV, Chicken Pox, Fifth’s disease, Viral or Bacterial Conjunctivitis. Notify Co-Chairs and Health and Safety Manager. We follow the WA DOH Covid-19 Guidelines available here: https://doh.wa.gov/emergencies/covid-19