This is the perfect age to introduce your child to the wonders of Preschool learning. Parents will have quality one-on-one time with their own child, as they freely explore the different learning centers and activities in the classroom.

The classroom is set up with age-appropriate items that encourage learning through investigation and play. The Preschool teacher will present fun finger plays, music and stories, as well as model appropriate practices for this age group. Our goal is to begin to lay the foundation that will stimulate a life-long joy in learning.

A typical day will include:

  • Outside: Weather permitting, it is great to let the kids have outside exploratory time too – time to run, jump, play in the sand box and climb on the climber.
  • Discovery Time: The children are encouraged to investigate all the different areas of the classroom, and will show increasing comfort as they explore the Preschool environment in the secure knowledge that a parent is nearby. This can be a hectic process as at this age, the children move quickly between activities. As the children are familiar with their routine, they begin to engage in parallel play. Theme oriented projects are used in the classroom, with the focus being on process rather than product.
  • Clean-up: Even as toddlers, children are encouraged and expected to participate in the clean-up process, as we instill the need for everyone to help take care of their classroom.
  • Snack: Learning about cleanliness is part of our snack routine, as all children and adults wash their hands before sitting down to snack. Children are learning social skills, from sitting down to eat with others, to cleaning their place before they leave the table.
  • Music & Goodbyes: Music is a wonderful time for children to explore rhythm and tunes, as well as dance and movement. We often have bells, or colored scarves to dance with, and parents join in as much as the children. Circle: As the session comes to a close, children sit in their parent’s lap for a good-bye circle. At this time, songs and finger-play may be introduced, before the energy level is calmed with a goodbye song.

Parent Education
The Toddler year is the change from babyhood to an exertion of independence. As your child becomes more capable physically and verbally the exploration of their world is a primary goal. This presents parents with many questions such as: Where has my Baby gone? Why is “No” my child’s favorite word? Why is my child into everything?

Through observation and discussion of these huge developmental stages we as a team of Parents, Teachers and Parent Instructors are ready to explore answers to the world of Toddlers.