This is the perfect age to introduce your child to the fun and wonder of Co-op. Parents will have quality one-on-one time with their own child, as they engage in teacher-facilitated circle time and developmentally appropriate activities, toys, and spaces.  

The classroom is set up with age-appropriate items that encourage learning through investigation and play. The Preschool teacher will present fun finger plays, music and stories, as well as model appropriate practices for this age group. Our goal is to begin to lay the foundation that will stimulate a life-long joy in learning.

A typical day will include:

Discovery Time: Baby and caregiver will have time to explore activities and manipulatives, and will show increasing comfort as they explore the Preschool environment in the secure knowledge that a caregiver is with them.

  • Circle Time & Goodbyes: Circle Time is a wonderful time for children to explore stories, rhythm and music, as well as dance and movement. We often have bells, or colored scarves to dance with, baby and caregiver working together as a team. At this time, songs and finger-play may be introduced, before the energy level is calmed with a goodbye song.

Parent Education:  0-12 months is a big year of development and growth! Each week during our class time, we will cover a wide range of topics from introducing foods and nutrition to sleep and handling big emotions.  Together we will learn tools for being the kind of caregivers we want to be, and we will build a foundation that will see us through our family life for years to come.

Through observation and discussion of these huge developmental stages we as a team of Parents, Teachers and Parent Instructors are ready to explore the world of Babyhood.